The only price you have to pay is to leave this world behind

Your fairy is
Chanter Willowtree
She casts weird dreams.
She lives in church yards and places of the dead.
She is only seen when the first leaves fall from the trees.
She wears silver skirts and white feather down and has delicate green coloured wings like a cicada.

Your witch is the WARTY
Maude Mousebasher
She bashes you with a rolling pin
and she likes to steal from your cupboards!
She is covered in warts and carbuncles!

The Great Archives determine you
to have gone by the identity:
Koko d'Angoulême
Known in some parts of the world as:
Kiku of The Fallen Ones
The Great Archives Record:
They wear the colours of the night in their robes, they flit from one warm place to the next and draw out the innocent.

Nightshade Blue Eyes
Nightshade is often very naughty and is always being told off.
She is as blue as the sky,
and she brings good luck.

Moon Estuary Hunter
(lunaris fretum)
Known for its nocturnal habits, the lunaris glows faintly with the light of the moon.
One of the few freshwater varieties, the fretum travels inland for short journeys to hunt freshwater fish, being particularly fond of salmon.
Note: Intelligent and shrewd, with predatory instincts, this subspecies can be aggressive when disturbed.

Your Star Wars name is
Oceanwar Asterope
A spacestation owner from Garqi

Your fantasy name is
India Trickysoul
of the Summer Boglands

Your elf name is
Swift Anger (lagor+rûth)
Daughter, Maiden or Girl (sell)

@темы: Никто не может сказать про меня, что я отмороженный, но каждый иногда уходит в себя - это возможно, Стоит кирпичная стена, обыкновенная стена, а в стену вбит огромный крюк, обыкновенный ржавый крюк